Dmitry Gaev–Orlov
03.07.1969 Moscow

Education, selectively 1991 – 2001. New–York
Lectures on art criticism, the modern art, multimedia art, on history of classical and modern architecture.
Research of synthesis of Art and the Science.
1992–94 Hunter College. New–York.
1994–96 New–York University. New–York.
1996–98 School of Visual Arts. New York
1998–01 Pratt Institute: School of Architecture. New–York.

Exposition, selectively
1994 – Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Manhattan. The concept "Triology". New–York.
1995 – Nicholas Roerich Museum. The concept "10". New–York.
1997 – L.L. Gallery. The Exposition – 5. New–York.
1998 – Parallel Gallery. A group exhibition. Moscow.
1999 – ACE Gallery. An exhibition of "Icon". New–York
2001 – Basis. "The Art–Laboratory. The Science and Art. Moscow.
2002 – AIDAN Gallery. A group exhibition. Moscow.
2002 – TBD–group. A personal exhibition. Moscow.
2003 – Likronas Gallery. An exposition "Science and Art". A personal exhibition. Moscow.
2003 – State Duma of the Russian Federation. A personal exposition "Russian Science and Art". Moscow.
2004 – VIP halls of international airport "Sheremet'evo–2 ". A personal exposition "Earth–Air". Moscow.
2005 – Gallery I–20. An exposition of a collection of new cloths from a series New Russian Avant guarde "Systematizm". New–York.
2005 – Gallery "Stella Art Gallery" a collective exposition. New products from a series "Systematizm". Moscow.
2006 – ARCO ' 06, Fair of the modern art. “Stella Art Gallery”, Madrid.
2006 – Vena Fair, fair of the modern art. “Stella Art Gallery”, The Vein.
Collections are in private and corporate collections of Russia, Germany, the USA, Japan.
2007 – 2 Moscow Biennale. Project Systematism–5. Parallel program
2008 – Art Moscow. Vibrationism. Laboratory of Systematism.
2008 – Moscow Polytechnical Museum,”The New Gallery”. Megapolis. The Course of a new Millenium. “Wonder of the World”.
2008 – National Centre for Contemporary Art. The exposition “Systematism is Alphabet of Suprematism”, Moscow.
2009 – Opening of Systematism.ORG Gallery. The exposition “World of Systematism”, Noviy Arbat Str.,25, Moscow.
2009 – 3 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art. VETOSHNIY Art Center, SYSTEMATISM ART factory & club. The exposition “Alphabet of Systematism”, Moscow.
2009 – TSUM Art Foundation & RNA Foundation, the exhibition “Stars of contemporary art – Sputnik Art”, Moscow.
2010 – Art Moscow. MIRAX Art Gallery. The exposition «Systematism art in Federation building», Moscow.
2012 – Russian House of Science and Culture. The exposition «ART Concret – intelligibel», Berlin.

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